Byron is currently making his Goodspeed debut playing Big Davey in “Billy Elliot”! Come experience the electricity from Sept. 13th-Nov. 24!

On December 16th I’m thrilled to be returning to the Duplex with Drew Wutke on the keys for my only cabaret appearance of 2019. After a year of being back on the theatrical stage I’m back where my journey began with some of my favorite musical moments and tales of returning
to my first love after almost a decade away. Get your tickets now! $15 in advance/$20 at the door plus a 2 drink min. Use the discount code, IMBACK, for $5 off.




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His assured warm voice...And his open hearted joy, subtle humor, and easygoing charm helped make the show succeed.
— Mark Dundas Wood; BistroAwards.com
Above all, his delightful personality and free-wheeling sense of humor, along with his keen musical sense, made the evening something special.
— Bart Greenberg; Cabaret Scenes
St. Cyr has a strong, sure, and well-trained voice. His performance doesn’t let you down.
— Marilyn Lester; NiteLifeExchange
Byron St. Cyr is a joy to hear...What is perhaps most regrettable about “On Your Feet” is that we don’t get to hear more of the stunningly sweet and silky voice of Byron St. Cyr, as her father Jose Fajardo. Confined to a wheelchair for most of the story, due to his multiple sclerosis, we mainly get to hear Mr. St. Cyr in a duet with his daughter during a flashback scene. His glorious voice leaves you wanting more.

— Bruce Apar; Broadwayworld.com
...Gloria’s father, Jose Fajardo, severely wounded soldier (smashing Byron St. Cyr) the best voice in the show.
— Eugene Paul; The Rockland Review
As Gloria’s father Jose, Byron St.Cyr delivers a fine performance fraught with believable emotion, power, and seriousness.
— James V Ruocco; From the desk of Jim r